9th October 2018
A Note from the Editor

“Five years ago, I doubt anyone would say anything if there was an event where there were 12 speakers and they were all men. Now that’s not okay.”


Last week Louise, Katrina Collier and Audra Knight ran an episode of The #SocialRecruiting Show titled at "Why Women Don't Talk Enough" looking at why there aren't enough women speakers at events and conferences. You can watch the replay here.  After the show a Facebook community was launched; a forum of global Recruitment/HR speakers from veterans to the people just preparing to jump in. The goal is to encourage diversity in event line up, celebrate successes, and encourage new speakers to get their start.  Everyone is welcome to join. 

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5 Examples of Recruitment Videos Done Right

"If you have a vacancy that you need to fill in your company, creating a recruitment video is a great strategy to attract top talents." Hire Rabbit shares some examples to help you get started.

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Why do sales professionals make good recruiters?

"Recruiting is about matching candidates to jobs; whether its landing candidates their dream jobs or finding ‘unfindable’ talent for employers. All recruiters find themselves in the game of sales – whether they like it or not!"

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Why the Recruitment Industry is in Danger of Talking Itself in to an Unnecessary Crisis

"We can either make decline a self-fulfilling prophecy and talk our way to become a second or third tier insignificant industry, or we can grasp the nettle and show the sort of positivity, adaptability and resilience we need to thrive well into the future."

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