29th October 2018
A Note from the Editor

The Recruitment Conference is now only just over 3 weeks away! THE event of the year for both inhouse and agency recruiters providing you with real-life, practical strategies, debate and audience discussion and expert practitioners, advisors and mentors who will cover critical topics including:

* Diversity & Inclusion
* Candidate, Client & Consultant Experience
* Business Development & Strategic Growth
* Process, Technology & Resourcing Solutions
* Our resident technology expert sharing insight on how you can use tech to achieve your goals


Bring your challenges and experience, and takeaway new strategies, solutions and a wider network of brilliant contacts.


Book your tickets here.

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For Recruiters, This Is What Goes Bump In The Night

"It was a dark and stormy night on Recruiting Street. A young talent acquisition professional had just gotten done with a hard day’s work and was ready to watch a movie to relax. They had just pressed play when a loud crack of lightning startled them. The power went out, leaving them in complete darkness. And that’s when they heard it" ....

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4 Shocking Facts That Might Make You Rethink Your Next Recruitment Drive

How a candidate views your company starts with your job description and goes right through to the interview process. "In other words, if your business looks dull, why should a candidate come and work for you?"

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State of the UK Labour Market – Q3 2018

Take a look at the full infographic to see Textkernel’s recent Q3 2018 analysis of the UK Job market.

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