12th June 2018
A Note from the Editor

Do you need to get out more?


We have many events specifically for recruiters coming up. Take a look in the Upcoming Events section below for details. Early bird tickets are available for RECex and, if you meet the delegate profile, the Directors event is free. At the moment, all these events are in London (with the exception of the Recruiter Zone online shows), but the Inspire events will be rolled out all over the UK during the next 12 months.

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What to Do When a Candidate Declines the Job Offer

You found the perfect candidate, and your client wants to hire them. So you call the candidate and offer them the job. Then, the worst thing happens: the candidate refuses the job offer.

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5 Things A Recruiter Needs To Do Before Their Candidate Is Interviewed

You might not be able to take the interview for your candidate but you can certainly do things that will dramatically increase your chances of filling a position.

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53 Strange Interview Candidates

Or “how not to excel at interviews”!

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