15th August 2017
A Note from the Editor
Our partner Boomerang Funding have created a simple start up guide for recruiters giving you an overview of the key things to consider when investing your time and money in a new recruitment venture. To find out all about it it, click here.

I'm still very much in holiday mode this week having only just come back from two weeks solid of sun and sangria so for those of you feeling the same way, here's a bit of fun to help you get back into work mode, 10 Outrageous Blunders Made By Candidates on Their CV.

Alex Martin
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Fab content we sourced for you this week...
Here’s Why Your Big Recruitment Push Isn’t Working
You've expanded or taken on a new project and now you need more staff to take on the extra work. You need a recruitment drive. Here are some tips to keep your recruitment push on the right tracks.
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10 Quick Tips to Instantly Improve Your Job Adverts
A clear and effective job advert is the first step to a successful recruitment advertising campaign.
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The ultimate recruitment software user experience.
How to Approach a Company with a Candidate
"Discover the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to approaching a company with a candidate..."
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5 Networking Tips All Recruiters Should Know
Attending networking events as a recruiter can be daunting. Follow these 5 tips and you’re sure to make the connections you need to succeed.
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Start your own recruitment agency NOW! JobAdder Recruitment Software Free Trial
Recruiter Social Media Do’s and Don’ts
Social media profiles are often the first thing a potential employer will look at when considering a candidate so it's worth sharing this advice with your candidates.
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The Art of Capturing the Attention of New Candidates
Use LinkedIn's new native video to reach new candidates.
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Find out what the future of outsourced recruitment looks like here.
Five of the biggest social media mistakes
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Perk life: What should a recruitment agency offer?
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How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy

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